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Translation into six languages and localization support for Smarty CRM

We translated the cloud-based Smarty CRM platform for customer relationship management into six languages. However, our task didn’t end there: we provided continuous localization of new strings for the subsequent year, keeping all localizations up-to-date without impeding the development process.

Created by Clouds Technologies, Smarty CRM was available only in Russian. The language of the development team. As the product became more popular on the Russian-speaking market, the company decided to target a global audience by localizing Smarty CRM into six languages at the same time. However, every software platform is a work in progress, so a one time translation could not keep pace with the company’s regular updates.

We solved this problem with the Webtranslateit platform. Thanks to it, Alconost translators localized Smarty CRM and updates into the following languages:

  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. Portuguese (Brazil)
  6. Chinese (Simplified)

We translated new strings over the next 12 months as well. The client simply added the relevant text in Webtranslateit, after which the six translators were immediately notified by email and started working. Release deadlines were consistently met for all six languages.

The choice to localize has paid off: Smarty CRM now has users in 176 countries worldwide. Positive feedback and buzz about the platform have increased as well. Thank you, Clouds Technologies, for your trust – and best of luck to Smarty CRM as it conquers new markets!

A free trial (including the results of our localization work) is available at

«For the last year and a half we have partnered with Alconost for the localization and translation of our services. We look forward to continuing this great relationship. We have been happy with both the translation quality and customer service. Their managers are always available and answer our questions quickly. When we were translating without an agency, even the experienced freelancers we were dealing with occasionally turned down jobs due to complexity or tight deadlines. But with Alconost Translations, this problem is a thing of the past!»

Evgeny Bubnov
Clouds Technologies CEO

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