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Here’s how we can help localize your Android app

Our typical Android app localization process

Preliminary order is submitted

Write to us at or submit a preliminary order form along with links to your cloud project and the product.

Project manager is assigned

The PM will help compile a glossary, calculate pricing, monitor deadlines, and assist you throughout the project.

Translators start working

The PM assembles a project team of the best-suited linguists.

Context is discussed

Communication happens on the cloud platform; translation memory and a glossary ensure translation consistency.


Proofreading is done by an independent translator who checks for any possible errors and typos and ensures translation accuracy.

Localized build is assembled

This happens after the localized strings have been downloaded from the localization platform; or directly on the platform using automatic compilation via a CLI (command line interface).

Localization is tested

Localization QA ensures that the localized strings display correctly.

Continuous localization
Minor errors are removed

Corrections are made immediately or reported directly to developers in the bug tracker.

New lines of text are added

Continuous localization

For frequently updated projects, we can structure the localization process so that your app is always fully localized at the time of each release. That way, localization and development happen simultaneously.


For continuous localization, we usually recommend the cloud-based translation platform Crowdin, which allows localization projects to be managed in real-time. This works approximately as follows:

  1. The programmer adds a string to the file containing the string resources and publishes the changes, for example, to Git.
  2. The file updated by the programmer is sent to the localization platform using a special command-line utility. The translator sees the new string immediately.
  3. The translator translates the new string.
  4. The updated file containing the string resources is fetched from the platform using the same command-line utility before the next build of the project is compiled.

This way, when you’re ready to release your app or game, all localizations will be 100% ready and will not delay your release.

Alternative scenarios for Android application localization

In reality, the way in which you choose to localize your Android app may not follow the ideal procedure outlined above. Contact us, describe your situation, and we will help you localize your Android app.


Often a developer may want to use Excel or Google Sheets for handling Android string localization. At Alconost we can work with any type of order, format, or process. For example, you can simply email us the string resource files at, and we ourselves will upload them to the platform, translate them, and return the localized resources to you by email.

Localization of small Android apps
and translation of updates

If you need to translate a few short texts, or if you are planning to manage the translation on your own, consider Nitro — a professional online translation service. Nitro is ideal for translating:

  • Short in-app texts and updates
  • App store descriptions
  • Materials and website texts

You can place an order with Nitro in just a few clicks, without involving a manager. You can request swift translation of texts into several foreign languages simultaneously, and receive them within 2-24 hours. To ensure consistency, you can create a new glossary or upload an existing one to Nitro.

Localization testing

After the localized version of the app has been compiled, a localization specialist tests the build on the relevant local version of the OS.

During linguistic testing, the tester takes screenshots of problem areas (untranslated text, strings that go off screen, wrong encoding or text direction, wrong context) and works with the developer to make changes to the resource files. Our linguistic testing service is available to you even if you’ve already translated your app yourself or through an outside provider.

Creation of videos for apps, localization of video and audio content

Alconost Video creates videos for the App Store and Google Play, teasers, trailers, and explainers, but that’s not all we do. Our team can also localize video and audio content.

How much does localization of Android apps cost?

The cost of localization is determined by:

  • The amount of text to be translated and languages selected
  • The cost of  proofreading and testing (if any)
  • The cost of subscribing to the localization platform

The translation rate varies by the target language. This is due to the different standards of living in the countries where our native-speaker translators live. You can estimate the cost of localizing Android apps or games using our table of rates.

Generally, though, it’s easier to send us your files and request a quote. We’ll calculate the cost ourselves and send you a quote, free of charge.


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