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Document translation company with over 15 years of experience. Translate documents and keep the original formatting. Rush translations of text with Nitro, our online translation service.

  • Professional native-speaking translators
  • Over 70 languages
  • Multiple file formats
  • DTP services (formatting and layout)
  • Responsible, friendly managers

What fields do we specialize in?

- Information technologies
- Web and software development
- Applications and games
- Business and finance
- E-commerce
- Marketing and PR
- Manufacturing
- Technical translation

What documents do we translate?

- Financial documents and reports
- Corporate legal documentation
- Contracts and agreements
- Business plans
- Reference materials
- Manuals and instructions
- Corporate training materials
- Marketing materials
… and much more!

Important! We do not offer notarization services, nor do we provide assistance with legalization of official documents or obtaining apostilles.

Important! We do not translate personal documents (birth or marriage certificates, passports, diplomas).

How it works

1. Upload your file(s) and place a preliminary order

2. We will send you a precise estimate and let you know the approximate turnaround time - free of charge!

3. Confirm your order and pay for the translation.

4. Your translation is all set!

What file types and formats do we work with?

Text document translation online without formatting

If you need a rush translation of a document, the text is not too lengthy, and the formatting is dispensable, try translating it using our Nitro service .




Nitro is specially designed for urgent online text translation. Translation orders can be placed with Nitro in just a few clicks at any time, without the need for a manager. Just copy your text into the order window, select your languages, add money to your account, and submit your text to be translated. Your order will be fulfilled by a professional native-speaking translator in 24 hours or less. The finished translation will be emailed to you and will be available online in your personal account

Translate text documents with formatting

We work with any editable text document format. Below are the most common formats:

  1. Formatted text
    • MS Word documents (DOC, DOCX)
    • Google Docs
    • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  2. Spreadsheets
    • MS Excel (XLS, XLSX)
    • Google Sheets
  3. Presentations
    • MS PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX)
    • Google Slides
  4. Text files (TXT)
  5. Comma-delimited values (CSV)

Important! By sending an editable text document for translation you help us to fulfill your order quickly, and you save money on related services.

OCR and DTP services

If your order contains non-editable materials (scanned documents, screenshots, images, infographics, or PDF files), these will need to be processed prior to translation: text must be scanned in, artifacts (superfluous characters) must be deleted, and the document must be formatted and laid out for publishing.

Optical character recognition (OCR) makes it possible to transform a PDF or image (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF) into text.

Desktop publishing (DTP) is the visual arrangement of text and preparation of the document for subsequent printing or online publication. Most of the time desktop publishing is essential to make the translated document match the original.

Desktop publishing is performed in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel и PowerPoint), G Suite (Docs, Sheets, and Slides), Adobe CS/CC (InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop), Corel Draw, and others.

Translate PDF files

If you need a PDF document translated, and the editable source file is missing, we can offer you two options:

  1. We scan in and translate the text. You receive your translation in any editable text format. The original formatting is lost.
  2. We scan in and translate the PDF document, translate the text, and reproduce the original formatting, including page size, sections, paragraphs, font style, font size, charts, graphics, etc. The cost of the additional services will be added to the cost of translation.


Quality document translation

Professional business translation requires special attention to consistency of the terminology used. It must also comply with local laws and regulations, which is especially important when translating business and financial documentation.

Creating and maintaining business glossaries

A glossary lets us create and manage a corporate dictionary of terminology. We strongly recommend using a glossary for consistent use of business terminology and to simplify working with large documents and interrelated texts. A glossary increases translation accuracy and serves as a reference, both for translators just joining the project and for your own specialists.

As a rule, we start with an existing term base and then add to it. If no glossary exists and one is clearly needed, we can create it from scratch.

Why order document translation from us?

All Alconost translators are native speakers of the target language.
The majority of our associates are specialists in their fields as well as professional translators.
To ensure high quality of translation, glossaries and specialized professional translation software (CAT tools) are used.

CAT tools and translation memory

Professional translation of extensive documents is done using CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation), which help organize the work process, automate routine operations, and improve translation quality.

Translation memory is one of the primary CAT tools. It is used to search the original file for identical fragments of text and “remembers” how they were translated the first time. When a repeated fragment is encountered, the translation memory suggests the saved translation. For large projects with numerous repeating segments, translation memory helps to save time, which in turn saves money.

Cloud CAT solutions enable the translator to ask questions and allow the client to answer them and leave comments online. The cloud platforms we most often employ include Crowdin, SmartCAT, PhraseApp, LingoHub, Memsource, and Transifex.

Desktop systems such as Trados, memoQ, and Wordfast may also be used in translation projects.

Proofreading of documents by a native-speaking editor

The process of translating documents for business has two stages: translation by a native speaker and editing by a second specialist. To reduce expenses, the second phase is sometimes dispensed with.

If your employees are capable of translating corporate documentation into foreign languages on their own, proofreading by a native speaker will help improve translation quality and make the texts more readable for your partners and clients overseas.

Online text proofreading is available from our Nitro service.

Cost of document translation services

Document translation rates depend on the language pair (which language is being translated into which), the volume of text, and the need for related services.

The total document translation fee is calculated using a rate per 1,000 characters including spaces in the source document. The cost of text recognition services and desktop publishing is calculated using an hourly rate.

To learn the exact document translation price, simply submit a preorder and attach your files to it. We will send you a prompt estimate, free of charge (average turnaround time is 2 hours).

Website translation services for various business sectors

If you are already having some documents translated for foreign clients and partners, but your website only exists in English, it may be time to start thinking about adding some more language versions. Website translation can double or triple the effectiveness of your efforts to break into local markets.

At Alconost we translate websites for all different business sectors: IT, real estate, construction, finance, manufacturing, the service sector, automotive, tourism, and much more. Just say the word - we’ll make your website multilingual too!

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