Copywriting services

A high-quality, interesting text can work wonders! Alconost offers copywriting services for your business, from drawing up a statement of work to optimizing existing materials. Our international team takes care of selecting a suitable copywriter and makes sure the finished text meets your requirements.

copywriting services

Why do you need professional copywriting?

As a rule, large business owners delegate all the content preparation to professionals: they understand the full importance of the end result. The copywriter's task is not only to create texts that meet the client's requirements, but also that help promote:

sales, by motivating the reader to acquire the service/product.

promotion, by helping to improve the website's search rankings.

awareness: news, articles, and posts all maintain reader interest.

image of the company, by creating and establishing it in consumer consciousness.

Industries we serve



As a digital marketing agency with many years of experience, we know just how important ad copywriting can be.

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Our social media copywriters, ecommerce copywriters, and product copywriters know how to discuss even the most complex topics using simple language.

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In this swiftly changing world you have to stay on top of the latest trends. We've had first-hand experience with cryptocurrency.

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In marketing for highly competitive niches, a proficiently optimized text plays a decisive role.

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We'll write a comprehensible, expert-level text on the subject of general medicine jointly with your company specialists.

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Landing page copywriting, website copywriting, descriptions and sales texts - everything for boosting the sales of auto parts, consumables, and the automobiles themselves.

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Types of copywriting services we provide

SEO copywriting

Website copywriting

Landing page copywriting

Ecommerce copywriting

Email copywriting

Social media copywriting

UX copywriting

Sales copywriting

Copywriting in different languages

Multilingual copywriting is in particular demand today among companies that are entering new markets. We specialize in multilingual copywriting, since we understand that ordinary translation may not be sufficient. It's important to know the unique linguistic features and mentality of your market, and to use the words and expressions used by your potential foreign customers. That's why we work with native-speaking copywriters, and also engage local SEO specialists to optimize the texts when necessary.

copywriting in different languages

Average cost of copywriting

When calculating the cost of copywriting we consider a number of factors:

  • language of the text;
  • industry;
  • desired turnaround time;
  • special requirements for the text;
  • need for additional studies.

An important factor to consider is whether you have an existing statement of work with all the required marketing information (target audience, competitors, keywords, etc.), since the services of a content manager and a marketing consultant are billed separately.

The minimum order is $400. This price includes not more than 5 hours of content manager work on the project and the work of a copywriter (approximately 7000 characters depending on the language).

The price of extra work for each specialist can be calculated based on the fees in the table below.



Description of work

Content manager


Communication with the client and preparing a statement of work. Selects the copywriter, oversees task execution, and checks text quality.

Marketing consultant


Conducts marketing studies, puts together a content strategy, makes recommendations for the statement of work.


Starting at $20 per 1,000 characters, depending on the language and subject matter

Studies the product, subject matter, and marketing strategy. Writes texts in accordance with customer requirements.


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How and when to pay for copywriting services?

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