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SEO copywriting is the process of creating interesting, useful, and unique SEO-friendly content with an emphasis on keywords. It also uses various structural elements, descriptions, illustrations, and more to take into account other SEO requirements for texts.

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Distinctive features of SEO copy

SEO content writing differs from regular copywriting in that the resulting SEO copy should:

correspond to a search query: It should be relevant and in-demand and use carefully selected keywords
be structured: it should use headings, subheadings, lists, tables, and illustrations
be perceived as readable and natural: it should be unique and avoid keyword stacking and empty wordiness
use link redirects: it should link to other pages on your website or to external websites

Who needs an SEO copywriter?

You can create texts for your website on your own, but if you want them to be a sales tool instead of just words, it's worth turning to an SEO copywriter. 

Professional SEO writing is a must for those who:

  • are optimizing their entire website. Without an SEO copywriter and good copy, that's nearly impossible to do.
  • want to increase organic traffic to their blog, website, etc. The likelihood of reaching the top of search engines' results skyrockets with SEO writing!
  • strive to meet user demand. An SEO copywriting specialist studies what your clients are looking for and interested in, thus maximizing the chances of hitting the bull's eye.
  • want the copy on their website to attract traffic and boost sales.
  • would like to reduce the cost of other ad types, such as contextual advertising.

Whatever your goal is, the cost of SEO content writing pays off in full over time.

Stages of copywriting for SEO

I. Preparation

Frame 4 The preparation stage involves studying the client's request and the structure and content of their website/product/service, searching for the client's main competitors and analyzing them, and comparing the client's data with other players on the market. The results will help the copywriter understand what kind of SEO copy is needed to meet the target audience's demand.

Frame 5 The SEO specialist then researches search demand using professional tools. If the SEO copywriting is for an entire website, then the website's semantic core is compiled. If the copy is a one-off text, keywords are selected based on the niche's competitiveness and frequency.

Frame 6 After that, detailed terms of reference for each text are put together. They include all the necessary keywords, requirements for their occurrence, suggested titles, the required word count, illustrations, linking, and other details. The more detailed the terms of reference are, the more precisely the SEO copywriting specialist can fulfill them.


II. SEO copywriting

Frame 4 Selecting a copywriter and discussing the terms of reference and deadlines - we choose a copywriter with the experience in writing texts on the subject of the client or related. When discussing the terms of technical requirements, if necessary, a responsible person of the client may be involved to clarify the details.

Frame 5 Writing copy - deadlines depend on the volume, complexity, and language of the text.

Frame 6 Checking that the SEO copy meets the requirements, and working on design - the manager checks the text, clarifies with the copywriter all the necessary details, and passes it on to the client.

Frame 7 If the client has questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement, revising the text.


SEO copywriting prices

SEO copywriting rates are usually higher than they are for regular writing. That's because of the requirements for SEO writing described above. An SEO copywriter should be able to write a text that will be interesting for the target audience and meet search engines' recommendations. SEO-friendly content must strengthen your search position and increase the website's visibility. Since this is a nuanced job requiring many skills, we work in tandem with an SEO specialist AND an SEO copywriter.

Specialist Cost Description
Project manager $40 /hour Main contact person. Coordinates the specialists' work.
SEO-specialist $40 /hour Studies your product, website, and competitors. Does search demand analysis. Prepares terms of reference for the copywriter.
SEO copywriter calculated based on the subject and language Writes SEO copy that complies with the terms of reference and revises it.

Contact us to calculate the final cost! 

SEO copywriting FAQ

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