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Localization of Viber messenger into Russian

It's hard to find a smartphone user who does not know about Viber. By the end of 2014 more than 460 million people from across the world were using the app. It is one of the most popular apps for making free calls as well as for sending messaging, images, and video over Wi-Fi and 3G. The messenger is available for both smartphones and PCs.

The first version of the app was released in December 2010. The developers are constantly updating the messenger in order to make the interface easier to use, to add new features, and to quickly squash bugs.

In this regard, Viber has been looking for a team of localization experts who are capable of coping with the rapid pace of updates and that can perform high-quality translation into Russian as quickly as possible. This was not a trivial assignment, but a solution was found: the team here at Alconost was able to promise the localization of new versions of the app with a turnaround of just 1–2 days.

We are able to promise such productivity thanks to the use of cloud and translation memory technologies. When working on the Viber project we used the Crowdin cloud translation management platform, which is also what we use for other major localization projects. This platform made it possible for an entire team of translators and editors to work on the project at the same time without interfering with each other's work.

We completely localized the Viber app and provided longterm localization support by offering to rapidly translate updates. We hope that thanks to our work Viber will continue its triumphal procession to acquire new Russian-speaking users on smartphones and PCs!

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