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Margarita Shvetsova
Posted by Margarita Shvetsova
on 9/16/20 1:27 PM

RetouchMe — localizing a photo editing app into 35 languages

RetouchMe is a photo editing app in which professional designers and retouchers work on improving your images. It is one of the top 150 apps in the “Photo and Video” category in the USA App Store.

In November of 2019, RetouchMe numbered 17 million installs in 150 countries around the world. In addition to the usual App Store and Google Play, the app is available in the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Amazon AppStore.

For localization into 35 languages, RetouchMe turned to Alconost. The app’s developers translate metadata and brief updates using our online service Nitro.

The RetouchMe app made its debut in 2014. At that time the mobile app market only offered automatic photo processing. Professional retouching was something unique.

The first release of RetouchMe included localization into English and Russian. Two years later the app was translated into Spanish and simplified Chinese. In 2017 the decision was made to localize into all the languages then supported on the App Store (19+ languages).

Below is its evolution in the top ratings for the App Store in Brazil, Italy, and Turkey after localizing the app and its metadata:



Brazil, Italy, and Turkey, January 1 — August 31, 2017


The RetouchMe team places particular emphasis on the importance of localizing the app description and keywords. After ASO optimization produced excellent results in English-speaking countries, the metadata were translated into all the App Store languages.

How the app’s position among the top apps for the “Photo and Video” category changed immediately after localizing metadata into foreign languages:



Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, October 2015


Localization of RetouchMe went smoothly, aside from the typical challenges of the RTL languages of Arabic and Hebrew. To insure against UI errors, RetouchMe requested that we perform linguistic testing.

Another “tight spot” in localization is the long words in German, French, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. Problems can be avoided by specifying the maximum number of characters in a comment to the Nitro translator, and most of the time the translator will be able to find an appropriate laconic option.

For translating small texts that are needed as quickly as possible (marketing texts, metadata for ASO optimization), RetouchMe uses Nitro.




RetouchMe’s customers propose ideas for new app features, and the team tries to swiftly implement them. Because translations from Nitro are ready within 24 hours, new features are released in all 35 languages at once. A simple function can be added within a couple of days. In this way options were added for processing pets, changing faces in pre-existing templates, and restoring old photos.


retouchme-photo«Sometimes we send a text to Nitro for translation into 32 languages at the start of the work day, and by the end of the day all the translations are ready, and we can add the option to the app without a release. If problems arise, the manager provides instant support via chat. There have been slight delays due to the holidays in China, but in general our experience with Nitro has been nothing but positive. Your service is a real life-saver!»

Alexander Lozitsky

CEO and co-founder of RetouchMe


You can read the full text of our interview with Alexander from the RetouchMe team on our blog. In it we compare profit in the App Store and on Google Play and show the evolution of downloads in Germany, Brazil, Vietnam, and other countries, with plenty of charts included to illustrate the data.

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