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Character voiceovers in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for the RPG Life is Feudal: Your Own

Life is Feudal: Your Own (LiF:YO) is a sandbox game with a realistic medieval atmosphere, crafting system, and the ability to learn an unlimited number of skills. MMORPG fans will be able to spend hundreds of hours exploring the game.

LiF: YO characters learn survival skills from scratch and the trades needed to prosper in the game's universe, including hunting, collecting, building, cooking, Alchemy, and the martial arts.

You can modify the 3x3 km game world to your heart's content: change the level of the surface of the Earth, dig mines, cultivate farms, and construct villages or even forbidding castles. And in the struggle to win territory your player and team will battle with medieval flair: from erecting siege fortifications to manufacturing weapons.


The character has a voice: he gives battle commands and taunts enemies, screams in fear, moans when injured, reads prayers, laughs, and expresses other emotions. The developers of LiF: YO entrusted us with the task of providing the voices of the characters in order to localize the game into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Each of the 29 lines spoken by the player's character needed to be recorded in four versions, each with different accents corresponding to the specific character the player has chosen: a hero from the East, a hero from the North, a peasant hero, and a noble hero.

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Upon submitting the assignment to us, the client emphasized that character voice acting was required as opposed to a voiceover by a neutral announcer. Our voice actors did their best and didn't spare their vocal cords — here are a few examples:

We recorded a total of 116 phrases for the Spanish localization of the game and as many for the Brazilian Portuguese version. All of the recordings were approved by the client and incorporated into the game.

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Alconost thanks Bitbox and its COO Alexander Korolkov for entrusting the project to us, for their perfectly prepared terms of reference, and for the pleasure of working on such a creative task.

«By partnering with Alconost, we were able to get quality voiceovers in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for our game project Life is Feudal.

Initially we ordered voiceovers from other studios, but they did not carry out the assignment to our complete satisfaction. When we contacted Alconost, we were pressed for time.

In addition to the urgency of the project, it was necessary for the two voice actors to speak in different dialectal variations corresponding to the game's different heroes when recording the lines. As our experience with other companies has shown, this is quite a complex and laborious process.

Alconost's specialists were more than a match for the task. I would rate them five out of five. We're grateful to the studio for their work and their willingness to handle non-standard orders! I would be happy to recommend Alconost to everyone who needs high-quality voice localizations.»

Alexander Korolkov
COO of BitBox

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