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Alconost + Crowdin: localization of Clash of Kings into English

"Clash of Kings" is a multiplayer strategy game for Android and iOS that is played by millions of people from around the world. The game is one of the ten most popular apps in Google Play in many countries.


The specialists at Elex Inc., the developer of the Clash of Kings game, turned to us when they were ready to translate the game into English. However, the initial localization was not done by native speakers, so we were faced with the task of proofreading and refining the game texts so that they sounded natural to the ears of English-speaking players.

Work performed

The game has quite a lot of unique content, and the developers of Clash of Kings wanted to make sure that our editor understood the characteristic features of the fantasy strategy genre. We asked a few of our editors to complete test assignments, and the customer evaluated the results and chose the most suitable contractor.

Why Crowdin?

We conducted all of our translation work on Clash of Kings in Crowdin. This cloud-based translation management platform is ideal for fulfilling such orders. A large amount of text in the game consisted of phrases and bits of dialog that are often difficult to understand without context. Generally speaking, the translators and editors had a lot of questions. Crowdin makes it possible to attach screenshots and additional description to lines for translation, which speeds up the work process. And if that proves insufficient, the contractor may ask questions directly through Crowdin: the customer will receive e-mail notifications about comments so that they can respond promptly.

Another strength of Crowdin is that it provides easy project management, which is a must when you have an ongoing localization project. The game is updated, and new strings are added that need to be quickly translated. The customer uploads files to Crowdin, and our specialists get to work. When the translation and proofreading of the new strings have been completed, the customer automatically receives the prepared API resource file.

How the work was done in Crowdin

  • The customer created a project in Crowdin and added the resource files.

  • Our editor received access to the project and got to work.

  • The customer was able to monitor the project progress in Crowdin, because Crowdin displays real-time statistics

  • All editor questions and comments that required clarification were sent directly to the customer through Crowdin, and they were resolved as quickly as possible.

We successfully completed the project, and the updated game texts have gone live. Development on Clash of Kings continues, and we continue to localize new texts while providing ongoing language support.

We, the teams at Alconost and Crowdin, are truly happy about the success of Clash of Kings and our fruitful cooperation with the developer on the project.

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