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Nick Zaleski
Posted by Nick Zaleski
on 9/9/20 9:32 AM

Bon Voyage: a travel-themed three-in-a-row mobile game

The three-in-a-row mobile game Bon Voyage is the primary project of indie studio Duck Rockets.

The first version of Bon Voyage was launched in September of 2016. The game first hit social networks, then moved on to Google Play. The game’s launch on social networks was a sort of soft launch, a chance to test the waters of balance, economics, mechanics, and content, and then to launch on Android with minimal issues. In December of 2019 Bon Voyage had over 500,000 downloads.

The first versions of the game were available in Russian and English. After its release on Facebook, German and French were added. Today Bon Voyage is available in 8 languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Persian, and Japanese.

The texts for Bon Voyage are translated in Nitro. For the most part these comprise descriptions of landmarks, interesting facts about the countries visited (part of the prize players receive for passing difficult levels), and update texts.

In Bon Voyage there are 4 blocks of texts for each of 26-27 destinations — a significant quantity for translation. For this reason, before localizing the game into a new language, Duck Rockets tests the potential market: they translate the store page, game description, screenshot captions, and video texts. If conversion increases, the decision is made to localize the game into the given language. This is how Turkish and Italian translations, for example, came to be included.

Organic traffic accounts for most of the people using Bon Voyage. To promote the game a video clip was made with identical visuals and the text in different languages. The video texts were translated into Italian, German, Portugese, Czech, Polish, Turkish, and others.

In Duck Rockets’ experience, a common problem in localization is that the text in the new language does not fit into the space allotted for it. In these cases the maximum number of characters should be specified when submitting the order.

Another typical problem: the translation does not match the context. This is easily avoided by leaving a comment for the translator and attaching screenshots to illustrate the context.






«The best thing about it is of course the ability to translate small texts into multiple languages at once. Other companies charge $100 to translate three words into six languages (since the minimum cost of translation into 1 language is $10-$15). When you need a translation fast, the programmer sends you the urgent request: ‘Translate this, please!’ and you go, ‘Aaaugh! I have to find translators into 6 languages immediately!’ It’s a nightmare.
But with Nitro there’s none of that running around looking for six translators: I just insert the text and send it off, simple as that. Within 5 minutes I receive an email: translation into three of the languages is already complete. That’s really perfect; I really love that. Practically ideal self-service.»

Alexey Dmitriev

Duck Rockets CEO


You can read the complete text of our interview with Alexey Dmitriev on our blog. Alexey talks about the reason for releasing on local markets, why Duck Rockets is not attempting to break into the Chinese market, and whether you should dress your heroine in a burqa to suit your game to the tastes of Iranian users.

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