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What IT videos are hot this summer

Here at Alconost we've been creating videos for IT since 2011, and it's fascinating to watch the industry evolving. In this article we'll tell you what video genres interested our customers in the summer of 2021. We'll take a look at IT videos and the tasks they're designed to solve, and we'll show you some interesting tricks used when creating game videos.

Different video versions for different target audiences

When videos are used for online advertising, targeting settings come into play. But will the ad still be effective if you show the same video ad to different target audiences? Our clients think ahead and consider audience segmentation not only when adjusting the campaign settings on the advertising dashboard, but much earlier - as early as the advertising campaign content creation stage. This approach produces not just one advertising video, but a whole series of videos promoting the app.

This drive to create maximally targeted creatives is one of the hottest trends on our list. For example, for the Scan & Translate app ad campaign we started by making a video presentation, and then based on it we created three more advertising videos targeting different audience segments.

You can watch all the videos from the Scan & Translate series in this playlist.

We also made a series of short video ads, called "pre-rolls," for the online survey tool QuestionStar. The QuestionStar pre-roll series is interesting in that the videos have a uniform visual style, but differ in content. For example, one video is an overview of QuestionStar's advantages, another focuses on its powerful feature set, and a third focuses on its flexible customizability. Pre-rolls made on this principle can even be shown to the same target audience, rotating them from time to time. This will gradually inform potential users about the product's various features, and the advertising campaign can be continued for longer.

You can watch all the videos from the QuestionStar series in this playlist.

Video tutorials: one question, one answer

Whereas serializing video ads is a relatively new trend, making series of training videos has become something of a tradition. After all, a never-ending product overview isn't exactly the easiest place to find information. It's much easier for users to find the answers to their questions in a concise video dedicated to the particular topic that interests them.

Instructional videos supplement or even replace textual FAQ on the product website. They are especially useful when a product is designed for experienced users, and a particular series of steps must be performed in order to customize it for specific tasks.

We've been making tutorial videos for Kaspersky Lab and Ozon for a long time. Out of our 2021 projects, one worth noting is a series of tutorials for Febooti Automation Workshop - a solution for automating routine processes in Windows. In a series of video tutorials for Febooti we gave a visual demonstration of how to customize the product for specific tasks. Incidentally, we localized one of the videos in the series into three languages: Spanish, German, and French.

You can watch all the videos from the Febooti series in this playlist.

Game videos: more original features

Creating game videos is always fun, because here a creative approach and original techniques aren't just welcome - they're essential. And although the tried and true methods of pasting up gameplay fragments or animating game art are still relevant, they are no longer the extent of the producer's arsenal.

For example, when creating the trailer for the game Broken Veil, the scenes for the video were set up directly in the game engine. This approach provides nearly limitless freedom to create emotionally charged scenes that are closely linked to the game and immerse the viewer in its atmosphere. Also, unlike shooting from the release build, shooting from the engine allows you to rid the picture of elements that carry no semantic load, such as pop-ups, buttons, and other UI elements. In 3 months the Broken Veil trailer has had over 175,000 views on IGN's YouTube channel, and we're proud to say that it was made at Alconost. 

For the trailer for Save the Earth - an environmentally themed strategy game - fragments of live footage were used. This technique allows you to produce an enhanced effect on the audience, expressively highlighting the game's features from the very first seconds.

Speaking of niche games - that is, games designed for a specific user segment - we mustn't overlook the video for Screeps: Arena. The game's target audience is programmers, and its primary weapon is code. To control your units in the game and fight with other users, you have to write JavaScript code. Check out how we conveyed this unique game feature in the trailer.

It doesn't matter whether you're developing a mobile app, complex desktop software, or a game - at Alconost we know how to make a professional video for your product. Whether it's a video ad, tutorial video, or teaser, we'll take care of everything from script to voice acting, and showcase your product to its best advantage.

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