Contextual advertising for the "TradeVoyage" travel agency

TradeVoyage is a travel company that was founded in 2002.

The company sells tours to Montenegro, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Poland, and Lithuania, among other destinations.


Increasing the amount of relevant traffic to the site while keeping the cost per click to a minimum, making sure that the site has the most up-to-date information about tours, and massively advertising last-minute deals.

Work performed

  1. Analysis and selection of keywords.
  2. Writing unique ads for each area.
  3. Creating separate campaigns for search and display networks in the following areas: Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Italy.
  4. Managing bids.
  5. Search engine optimization, including updating the list of keywords to improve CTR and attracting more quality traffic; rapid updating of ads and creating new ones to reflect discounts and last-minute tours as they appear.
  6. Optimizing ad performance on display networks by creating ad groups targeted by themes, interests, locations, and keywords.


We worked on the ad campaigns in the summer of 2012 for tours to Montenegro and Italy. In summer 2013 the company added Bulgaria.

Report for June-August 2012:


Report for June-August 2013:

During the time when Alconost worked on the campaigns, search network CTR more than doubled, the ad position increased, and average CPC decreased.

Data demonstrating CTR growth:


Data demonstrating decreasing CPC:


Data demonstrating increasing average position:


We were able to achieve these results thanks to continuous daily account optimization measures. We developed a list of keywords. We optimized ads and managed rates based on data about the effectiveness of each keyword.


Several popular queries show that the price-per-click for the campaigns is lower than the average price in the campaign region.

Data from Google AdWords Traffic Estimator:

We were able to achieve these results thanks to the opportunity to collaborate with the customer on a long-term basis, the fact that our managers have been able to learn a lot about the tourism industry, and the close cooperation between the employees at Alconost and TradeVoyage.

Such tools as banner ads, special landing pages, and advanced Google Analytics were not used at the customer's request.

«We really like working with Alconost. It is worth mentioning the quick response time of managers to our proposals. The tourism industry is very dynamic, and Alconost is an advertising agency that is able to effectively advertise these types of services. Our long partnership is proof of this!»

Tatiana Shamatenko
Director of the TradeVoyage Tour Agency

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