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International PPC Campaign to Enter New Markets - Case Study

The Client

Supreme Hot Bot is an application that makes automatic purchases of Supreme drops.


To enter the European and US markets, increase the number of users, and increase sales. For this he asked us to develop international PPC campaign. What we gladly did!

International PPC Promotion Management

International PPC campaigns require more intake and dedication from a manager. Daily painstaking work allows us to achieve excellent results for our clients. Campaign performance monitoring, data analysis, implementation of refinements, and preparation of a detailed report at the end of each month represent the guaranteed minimum that you get when working with us. Usually the scope of work is much more voluminous. More about international PPC promotion and additional options.

Work performed

  • Analysis of competitors in each market.

  • Development of PPC promotion strategy. 

  • Refinement of search campaigns. 

  • Analysis and selection of search queries for each market. 

  • Composition of unique ads. 

  • Working with the search network: adjusting the list of keywords to increase CTR and attract better traffic. 

  • Campaign optimization based on conversion data. 

  • Testing various campaign and ad formats.

Results of international PPC

Data for a three-month period (February–April 2019) 

1. The PPC promotion yielded 34% of all the purchases during the season.

2. The PPC campaigns became a scalable performance tool: the ROI for the three months of the campaign was 483%:

ROI for February = -11% 

ROI for March = 217% 

ROI for April = 693%

international PPC statistics1

3. Client campaigns take up 60% of the SERP (impressions received), and up to 90% of cases are shown above search results in the first place.

international PPC statistics2

4. Increased revenue per click.

international PPC statistics3

5. Reduced purchase cost.

international PPC statistics4



For this product, international PPC promotion has become a great way to sell. An analytical approach, responsiveness to any changes, and constant optimization of advertising campaigns yield tangible results.

The client’s feedback


We have been working with Alconost for a long time; about two years, if I'm not mistaken. Initially, we were looking for a contractor to run Google Ads campaigns in Western markets. Our niche is specific: the sale of IT products for a fairly narrow audience living in the USA and Europe. It was therefore quite difficult to find a contractor, because localization, understanding of foreign markets, and the adaptation of advertising to the necessary criteria are extremely important here. Alconost has never let us down. I am completely satisfied with the company’s work. They fully dealt with our queries regarding PPC ads, which included both the development of creatives, messages, optimization, and analytics. During the very best months, our ROI reached extremely high values. For us, advertising on Google has become the main source of traffic, and this is, of course, largely due to Alconost. If you are seeking contractors for localization or advertising on foreign markets, I can confidently recommend Alconost. They will not let you down.

Denis Domnin





Alconost is an internet marketing agency that offers search engine optimization for multilingual websites as well as PPC management, SMM and Content promotion. We conduct full SEO audits and website optimization, improve website usability, develop an international promotion strategy and analyze statistics and many others to increase your profits and improve your positions in search engines.


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