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PPC Campaign Management - Case study

The Client

KooRaRoo is a DLNA server and organiser that allows you to stream video, music, and photo files to any DLNA-certified home network device.


To increase the number of product installations and remove untargeted users from the paid traffic.

PPC Campaign Management

Our priority in PPC advertising is IT-sphere. Most of our customers are IT companies including software, mobile app, and game developers as well as service providers for the B2C and B2B markets. An experienced personal PPC manager provides an individual approach to each of them. More about PPC campaign management


Work performed

  1. Customisation and refinement of search queries.

  2. Writing and continually optimizing unique ads for each keyword group.

  3. Creating event tracking codes for Google Analytics. Setting goals.

  4. Managing bids.

  5. Adjusting the list of keywords to improve CTR and attract more quality traffic.

  6. Optimizing campaigns using conversion data.

  7. Breaking down search campaigns by the price per click per region in order to allocate budgeted funds evenly across all necessary regions.

Beginning of the advertising campaign: 01.09.2013. Date when the results were taken: 30.11.2013.

Results of PPC campaign management

Results of the first month of PPC campaign management (30 days):

ppc campaign management statistics

Results of 3 months (30 days):

ppc campaign management statistics2

During the course of work on the campaigns we were able to boost the click-through rate (CTR), decrease the average cost per click (CPC) and the price of conversion (CPA), as well as increase the conversion rate (CR).

Data demonstrating CTR growth:

ppc campaign management statistics3

Data demonstrating an increased conversion rate:

ppc campaign management statistics4

We were able to achieve these results thanks to daily account optimisation measures within our service PPC campaign management (updating the list of keywords based on data from Google Analytics, managing bids, and updating ads).


Despite a modest advertising campaign budget, we managed to outperform major Western advertisers and take second place in the auction statistics. Campaign report for the last 30 days:

ppc campaign management statistics5

The client's feedback



«The guys at Alconost were really helpful. They produced quick turnarounds. They were pleasant and tactful in their communications, and they offered moderate prices. The number of product installations has multiplied, and I did not even have to change the budget.»

Denis Volodomanov
Developer and Owner of KooRaRoo Media



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