Nick Zaleski
Posted by Nick Zaleski
on 12/2/20 9:48 AM

Free translation of your app description

ASO Level Up is ASO in other languages!

It’s no secret that competent ASO optimization helps attract new users and increase installation conversion. In addition, translating pages for the App Store and Google Play into other languages boosts the visibility of applications in local markets.

It is important that the translated text not only contains the right keywords, but also sounds authentic and inspires confidence among the target users.

Use Nitro to translate the description of your application into 1 language for free. The collected keywords can be listed in the order comments or added to the glossary. All Nitro translators are native speakers of their respective languages, and therefore the translated description will be easy to read, and the keywords will fit naturally and organically into the text.

If you would like your Google Play or App Store description to be translated in Nitro for free into any 1 language, follow the link and create a Nitro account, and your balance will be immediately credited with $20. This amount will be enough to get your description translated into 1 language. The magic link only works for new users.

Translate your description for free with Nitro