Multilingual Advertising for the Alvadi Online Auto Parts Store

Founded in 2008, Alvadi OU sells auto parts in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and other countries. The company carries over 100,000 items.


  • Improve advertising indicators (QS, CTR, CR, CPA)

  • Increase number of transaction and advertising revenue

  • Expand the geographical area in which orders are placed

Tasks performed

  • Analyzed and compiled key queries

  • Wrote unique ads in multiple languages; created ads in various formats for various types of devices, including text ads, ads adapted for mobile devices, and banner ads

  • Developed multilingual advertising campaigns for Search and Display Network in five languages, including Russian, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and English. Total: 31 campaigns, 539 groups, over 1.4 million keywords

  • Search campaigns tasks: fine-tuned a list of keywords in order to enhance CTR and attract higher-quality traffic, analyzed, tested, and updated ads, and added expansions

  • Display Network campaigns tasks: created ad groups targeted at other applications (individual applications and their categories); targeting by keyword, posting locations, user interests

  • Adjusted rates by device and location with a focus on KPI


The charts in the left-hand column show indicators for the month prior to the beginning of the project. Those in the right-hand column show the indicators for the same month one year later.


Revenue from AdWords advertising increased by a factor of 2.4.


Number of transitions increased by a factor of 1.5.


Conversion ratio increased by a factor of 2.2.



«Promoting such a large number of products in various languages was hardly a trivial undertaking, but they handled it professionally. They took care of auditing, configuring analytics, and context development. During our year-long collaboration they significantly increased the indicators for our ad campaign, which was already profitable. The gradual integration of new countries and languages further increased the influx of new users and orders while enhancing the scope of the advertising component of our business. Thank you, Alconost!»

Yevgeny Pshenichnikov



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