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Meet 3 People Who Benefit From a Mobile App Explainer Video

Mobile app explainer video: is it worth talking about at all? Yes, we think so! We can imagine at least three specific people benefiting. Let us introduce them to you!

1. Mobile app overview video and Leon, a camper and furniture maker 

Meet Leon. He’s in his 30s and loves to go camping. Leon works in the furniture manufacturing industry, minds his own business, and couldn’t care less about mobile app explainer production. An app onboarding video may pique his interest only from a user’s standpoint.

Today Leon wants to select a decent camping location for his weekend ride. In the app store, he discovers several apps that might help. Leon doesn’t want to download them all. He’d love to get an impression of app functions after just examining the store pages and then hitting the Install button only once.

The pages without an app preview video fade into the background; those featuring an app intro video remain on Leon’s shortlist. He’s happy to spend some time watching app explainer videos.

We can’t say Leon is an expert reviewer of mobile app explainer animation, and he definitely never tried making an explainer video on his own. But he crosses out one of the apps simply because its video is too amateurish, making him think that the app must be made by amateurs, too. And it’d be too naive for him to hope the app would function seamlessly. He could be wrong, but we can’t blame him: he’s just an ordinary user. 

Another app showcase video looks promising, although Leon is confused by the richness of its functionality and decides that it would probably take more than a minute to learn how to navigate through it. Too difficult!

Finally, the third video meets Leon’s expectations. It’s concise, easy to understand, and highlights the key features of the app Leon was looking for. Leon installs that one. 

Here we’ll leave Leon with his choice. His further user experience depends on what the app has on the inside, but the mobile app intro video did its job.

2. An animated app explainer and Roger, an appdev company CEO

Roger’s team develops several applications with different functionality for different target audiences. Roger’s self-esteem, peace of mind, and income depend on how the apps made by his appdev studio perform. He cares a lot about how to increase installs, retention, and average order value. 

Roger sees mobile app explainer videos on the pages of his apps’ competitors. He vividly remembers his experience dealing with app walkthrough video production when he was developing his first app. He and his team tried to come up with a decent app tutorial video using screen recording, but the editing took too much time and results were not satisfactory.

Later, he hired a freelancer to make an app launch video. From this, Roger learned that managing the video production process distracts him from executive issues. On top of that, he wasn’t sure that the talented motion designer he hired was all that excited about seriously getting into the details of Roger's app’s functionality.

Roger is aware, however, of his competitors using mobile app explainer clips in their marketing quite successfully. And he has a disturbing hunch that he might be missing some opportunities by not having a mobile app intro video. ‘How much does an animated explainer video cost?’ Roger wondered, but after quickly exploring the figures, he considered the average pricing affordable.

With all this in mind, Roger messages Simona, their studio’s marketer: 

Hi Simona, I’m thinking about ordering app promotional video clips from the pros. Maybe you could do some quick research and select a few video production agencies for preliminary consideration? Let me know what you think!

Let’s find out what Simona thinks of it.

3. App marketing video and Simona, a marketer in an appdev company

Simona theoretically knows how to make instructional videos for software or apps. As a shrewd marketer, she also believes that videos could present their products more vividly than any screenshots, and help the apps reach more audience segments and stand out from competitors.

We can’t say Simona never thought of hiring a mobile app explainer company, but this thought stayed in the background. Starting work on a mobile app advertising video seemed like an opportunity, but she’s juggling a lot of balls, and she needed an extra nudge to get this particular ball rolling. 

The message from her CEO told her that exerting some power in this new dimension would be something her bosses approved of. Now she felt confident allocating time to explore the mobile app explainer service niche, requesting ballpark figures and inquiring about turnover time. 

This scenario seems better for her than producing a mobile app promotional clip in-house. Indeed, managing the production would have been quite a burden, even if they’d hired freelancers to lessen the in-house workload. After all, video production is a real project, and project management isn’t always easy.

Simona starts her vendor selection journey. Apart from taking into account the quality of the portfolio and the trustworthiness of the testimonials on the potential studios’ websites, she also has one very specific concern. She would like their future video production partners to be professionals in both marketing and tech. This combination of competencies would ensure they deliver a mobile app instructional video that would be both appealing to buyers and technically correct. 

This means Simona needs more than hired hands. Her ideal vendor will speak marketing language as fluently as technical language, describing their product’s features accurately and in a customer-oriented manner at the same time.

Simona feels personal responsibility for the vendor selection process. She wants their studio to end up with a mobile app video producer that fits their studio’s spirit, doesn’t let them down, and helps them keep the marketing budget as modest as possible.

4. Alconost knows how to create a mobile app demo video for you

Simona will be satisfied when Alconost comes up in her search. Alconost is a mobile app explainer video producer that has made hundreds of app and software videos. Their portfolio speaks for itself, their pricing policy is transparent and negotiable, and there are real marketers and CEOs behind the testimonials Alconost has received.

Need some examples? We have them. 

Here Alconost showcases a niche mobile app for medical laboratory workers who analyze blood smears.


And here’s an example of a mobile software explainer designed in compliance with the client’s corporate brand. It’s beautiful, clear, and engaging, isn’t it?



Need something less industry-specific? Look at this mobile app instructional video for going-out planning. 



When it comes to mobile software explainer video previews for the App Store, Alconost is also your best bet.


5. A mobile software explainer producer under a magnifying glass: customers’ feedback

Sure, every customer has their own impressions. But why not check out the feedback of real people who remind us of Simona and Roger? 

‘We needed a video to use on our website to help educate our target audience on exactly what problems we solve and how we can help them. Alconost helped us to create our animated explainer video. We’re very happy with the final video, and it’s very reasonably priced for the quality!’ says a VP of marketing.

‘We got a great video clip for our mobile application. We want to use it on the website and in app descriptions on Google Play and the App Store. It is the best company for creating a video clip for your product! What we like best about them is quality, responsible manager, and timeliness,’ says the CEO of an app development company. 

Alconost helps out other companies working in video production services and receives their praise as well.

‘It’s an A+ company for animation! Certain types of animation are outside of the scope of what we can do in-house, and Alconost bridges that gap. The entire team at Alconost was fantastic and made the entire process of creating a custom animation extremely easy,’ recalls the creative director of a video production company.

6. A post-credit scene to a mobile product explainer story

Let’s sum up how our three pals benefited from the choice to order an explainer video for a mobile app from a professional animated video production studio.

1. Leon, the user, saves time selecting between apps, gets the gist of an app in seconds, and installs the app that he needs. And he’s happy.

2. Roger, the appdev company CEO, stays focused on product development, confident that marketing isn’t lagging behind development. Their new videos communicate the benefits of their products in a selling manner even when it comes to the most niche and complex apps in their product line.

3. Simona, the marketer, has less stress and hassle in her day, knowing that she and her team are pretty well covered in terms of animated marketing content production. She can suggest creative ideas and see them transform into neat, professional mobile product explainer videos without her breaking a sweat. 

So, it’s win, and win, and win. Start your video production journey today with Alconost. You’ll love it! Hit the button below and fill out the contact form.


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