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LocFromHome 3: Alconost to share how businesses can work with niche communities

Language service providers like Alconost have a lot to gain from working with communities in specific interest groups. Especially in the IT and gaming scene, where Alconost is heavily involved, these communities and vendors collaborate to bring new projects to fruition. In an upcoming online conference put on by SmartCat called LocFromHome 3: Stronger by sharing, Alconost will partake in discussing the importance of working with niche communities in the IT and gaming industries on February 10 at 11:40 AM CET.

What is LocFromHome3 all about?

First off, the localization conference targets those in the localization and translation industry and companies who want to improve their international presence and products. The online event provides a platform for experts to share stories and tangible experiences from which outcomes, lessons, and advice were drawn. They aim to help localization projects be better, improve collaboration between freelancers, vendors, and clients, and report on the industry's latest trend. 

This is the second LocFromHome panel where Alconost has shared some insights. The first one explored how translators can get into writing with some practical writing tips.

Alconost on the best practices of working with IT and gaming communities

Alconost’s own Loie Favre, Content Marketer and Localization Expert, will divulge some insightful information on how LSPs and companies can work better with communities outside of the close-knit translation and localization realm. Though we will also discuss how the latter holds a great deal of value, we’re more interested in talking about how IT and gaming communities and vendors can collaborate 

Whether working on game translations with gamers, Documentation as a Code in Github via Alconost's GitLocalize (like with TensorFlow), or harmonizing efforts on other open-source projects in Crowdin, vendors can grow their reach and form solid partnerships that benefit both sides. We’ll share some community successes and discuss how companies — both LSPs and translation buyers — can best leverage communities and boost different areas of the localization and translation industry.


Make sure you tune in to see us there! It’s free!

After the event, we’ll update this article with a wrap of the event with some key takeaways if you missed it. The video will also be broadcast a few days later.

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