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How Much Does a Video Game Trailer Cost?

A well-made trailer about your game can generate interest, build hype, and drive your game's sales. However, creating an effective video game trailer is not as easy as it may seem. It requires careful planning, a deep understanding of your target audience, and the right production team. The final cost of a game trailer video depends on various factors, such as length and the complexity of graphics and animation. Here at Alconost, we have produced  over 150 game videos, including trailers and teaser trailers, and have a piece of advice on how to make a good video game trailer and what budget to plan for it. 

In a demo reel below, you can see some highlights from various game trailers and teasers produced at Alconost.

3 Factors That Drive the Video Game Trailer Cost

When dealing with game trailers, we at Alconost always consider three main factors determining game trailer price. Among them are:

1) Quantity of scenes

Similar to explainer videos, the number of scenes in a video game trailer is the factor that affects the price most. Rather than basing the pricing solely on the length of the trailer, we count the number of scenes. Each scene lasts 5—15 seconds on average. 

As soon as a game trailer aims to showcase the game's features and captivate the viewer's attention, we recommend focusing on selected features rather than stuffing the trailer with too much content. A mindful approach to scriptwriting can really help here. For example, while working on the Infinitode 2 game trailer, we followed ‘one game feature, one scene’ principle that made the game trailer easy to follow.

2) The complexity of animation

The complexity of the animation also affects the game trailer cost. Depending on the game's genre and style, the trailer may require sophisticated graphics development from scratch or 3D animation. The production cost will be higher in such cases due to the labor-intensive design work and time-consuming rendering process. On the contrary, the simpler the animation, the lower the total price. 

Good news is that even if you decide to stick to 2D animation, it doesn’t necessarily mean your video will be boring. Check out, for example, the Altar: War of Gods Trailer we made by means of 2D animation.


As an example of a game trailer with 3D animation, watch the Backgammon 3D Trailer below.

3) Additional assets development

Adding extra assets to the trailer can also affect its pricing. For instance, writing an original music track or developing detailed graphics  may increase the production cost. it To decide whether you need these extras or not, think of whether  they enhance the trailer's overall quality and appeal to the target audience. Based on our experience, including superfluous assets may not always be necessary.

Average Cost of Making a Video Game Trailer

The cost of a game trailer is determined by several factors, such as the number and type of scenes included in the video. This may range from 2D or 3D animated graphics, gameplay footage, or a combination of both. Additionally, the source files provided, such as artwork that may or may not be animation-ready, and gameplay recordings, can also impact the final cost. 

Furthermore, the need for different versions of the video can also increase the pricing. For example, in addition to the standard FullHD edition for YouTube, developers sometimes need shortened versions of their game trailer for advertising platforms, or versions with alternative aspect ratios. It's essential to consider these factors when determining the cost of a game trailer to ensure it meets both the developer's needs and the project's budget.

In the table below you’ll find rough estimates of production costs at Alconost for game trailers. The prices listed below include creating a script and translating it into the required language; recording the narration; purchasing a background track; storyboarding; animation; gameplay recordings cut; and audio design.

Game Trailer Pricing Budget Price Range, US dollars
  Low-budget trailer 1,000 - 2,000
  Mid-budget trailer 2,000 - 3,000
  High-budget trailer 3,000 +


Here you can find more specific details of video production and see how the game video cost may vary for the different types of trailers.

Summing It All Up

The cost of creating a video for a game promo can vary depending on its complexity and the number of scenes involved. While a ballpark figure of $1000 to $3000 is generally provided, this is not always the case as production costs may go beyond that. The labor intensity required for production is the key factor that affects the price. If a video consists mainly of gameplay footage and the footage is recorded in-house, the production requires fewer resources and will be on the lower end of the budget spectrum. 

However, if the video includes animated graphics, the pricing will depend on whether the art is ready for animation or if it has to be developed from scratch. Typically, 2-D animation is less expensive than 3-D. If you require multiple versions of a game promo video, make sure to include these in the budget. At Alconost, we understand that ballpark figures can sometimes be confusing, so we provide tailored price estimates for each project.


We can also localize your video to any language for 50 to 80% of the original cost. Localization is complex and involves translating all on-screen text, recording new screencasts, translating and recording the voice-over for video games with a native speaker, and adjusting the animation to fit the new timing.

Working with Alconost to create a video game trailer is a smart choice for game developers and CEOs. , With years of expertise under our belt and over 150 game videos produced, Alconost is willing to help you create a video trailer that effectively showcases your game and generates interest in it. Boost your game marketing and promotion: try Alconost as your game trailer production company!


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