Your one-stop localization solution

  • Cloud platforms for large frequently updated projects
  • Self-service platform Nitro for quick translation tasks
  • Native-speaking translators with experience in IT, gamedev and other industries
  • 80+ languages
  • You choose where translation happens: on a cloud platform, CMS, or in your own files
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We offer two convenient options for your translation & localization needs:

Nitro, a self-service platform for short & quick translations

Nitro is a human translation platform for short and quick translations like new interfaces in mobile apps & games, marketing texts, email templates, chatbot scripts, etc.

Quick turnaround

60% of the translations are completed within 2 hours, and 96% — in less than 24 hours

Easy-to-use platform

Place your order in a few steps, track its status in real time, and export multiple orders as a single file

Instant quote

As you enter text, the price will be calculated automatically

No minimum order

You'll be charged only for the amount of text you need to translate, even if it's just a string or two

No hassle with paperwork

Top up your balance at any time using online payments and get an invoice when you need it

Translation & localization projects handled by a dedicated manager

We can translate any type of software, apps, games, and websites. Our localization managers at Alconost will select linguists with the relevant experience and take care of your project 24/7. We also offer continuous localization, proofreading, and linguistic testing.

Working with files in any format

We accept files in .resx, .po, .strings, .docx, or any other editable format

Translation memories and glossary

We use a TM and glossary for every project to ensure terminological consistency across a whole project

Cloud-based project management and professional tools

Seamless integration with localization platforms like Crowdin simplifies the localization workflow and makes working with context easy

Localization QA

Use our localization testing service to make sure the interface is displayed correctly and the translation matches the context

On-demand integrations, API and CLI

We can develop customized connectors and integrators for your system or proprietary file formats

1,500+ projects in our portfolio

Our clients include Google, Paradox Interactive, Jetbrains, Vizor Interactive, Kaspersky Labs, Jooble, and many more

How it works

Not sure what to choose? Here's a quick comparison:

  Nitro Localization
Native-speaking translators exclusively
Support of various formats (iOS .strings, Android .xml, .po, .pdf, .json, etc.) Plain text only
Large translation & localization projects No
Very fast turnaround time Depends on the volume of text
No minimum amount required Only in case of very frequent updates
Self-service mode No, you work with a dedicated manager
Available 24/7 Depends on the working hours of your manager
Glossary and translation memories
Integration with Crowdin and other platforms No


What our clients say

In a short period of time Petcube was able to attract the attention of leading publications from all over the world.

For us it was important that users from Europe and Asia who are interested in gadget be able to find details in a language that they understand.

We are very grateful to Alconost for their quality translations and their extremely efficient work.

Darya Staverska

Nitro is our favorite go-to service when we need to quickly translate various interfaces into multiple languages ​​at the same time.

It has a really cool feature where you can provide the translator with comments and screenshots, which is so important for obtaining an accurate translation.

Sergey Dergachev
Editor at Wachanga

The localization of payment interfaces is one of the most important steps for a company entering a new market. Thanks to Alconost's assistance, the company was able to adapt its Xsolla payment interfaces for hundreds of different countries in the shortest possible time.

You cannot underestimate the importance of quality localization. The higher the quality of the translation, the faster users will be able to learn how to use the interface and the more purchases they will make. 

Konstantin Golubitsky
CTO of Xsolla

We used to work with freelance translators via a crowdsourcing platform, but the process was lengthy and complicated.

With Nitro it’s easy for us to translate texts for our games into multiple languages simultaneously: we just copy the text, specify the languages needed, and receive our translated texts within 24 hours!

Ekin Usumi
Community manager at NARCADE

Got more questions?

What are your rates?

Check out the table of Nitro rates, and Languages and Rates page for our localization, proofreading, and linguistic testing services.

Can you localize audio and video?

Yes! Our team localizes video and audio content as well. We work with professional, native-speaker voiceover artists from across the globe.

What if I have questions about my Nitro order?

Our manager in Nitro's online chat will be happy to assist. Normally we answer within 5-10 minutes.

Where can I read testimonials?

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Have a project in mind?

We’d like to learn more about it. In return, we’ll get back to you with a solution and a quote.

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Our Clients

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