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promotion of websites in russian

Website promotion on the Russian-speaking Internet is complicated by many nuances related to its terminology, as well as the mentality of each particular country. Any of the Russian-speaking countries, be it Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, have their own peculiarities.

promotion of Russian-language websites

Since 2008, we have been specializing in promoting websites in Russian language, which includes the following:

Our goal is not only to deliver high-quality promotion of your website in Russian in an effective manner, but also to increase your profit and advertising ROI.

Localization of Russian-language promotion

Entering a new language market starts with exploring your niche, search demand and competitors in that geographic or linguistic region. Our Internet marketers love to tackle such tasks and create localized promotion strategies, which are later on utilized by more specialized experts.

localization of website promotion

Analysis of Russian semantics

Keywords used to promote you and your competitors, their frequency, conversion rate and positions. This helps us map the semantic tree with the website structure and better understand its relevance.

analysis of semantics


Analysis of external factors

Studying backlinks - we pay attention to the types of links, their number, dynamics and other characteristics. This data will help us determine on which resources we can also place backlinks to increase the link mass.


analysis of external factors

Research of the Russian-language demand

Understanding what users are looking for, how search demand has developed and, most importantly, how it will develop in a given region or segment is one of the most important competitive advantages that we can provide you with.

research of search demand


Analysis of the Russian-language content

Research of the quantity and quality of content will help us understand what content we can concentrate on, its format, focus, volume, etc. And also find the best-suited copywriters and proofreaders.

analysis of russian content


Audit of Russian-language advertising

We audit your campaigns and those of your competitors, identify their weaknesses and strengths, coordinate results with you and prepare effective campaigns in just one month.

audit of russian content


Services for promoting websites in Russian

SEO in Russian

Promotion of your content in the Russian language is what we specialize in. Many years of experience, effective and proven tools, a well-coordinated team of specialized experts and translators - that is what makes us the best in the market of Russian-language website promotion. A unique proven system allows us to do SEO in Russian at a cheaper rate and more efficiently compared to other companies. We understand the nuances associated with local and international Russian-language demand and adapt the process to your needs. [Learn more about SEO]

Content promotion for Russian-language websites

Recent studies show that one of the most effective methods of website promotion, especially in the international market, is content marketing. This is what we particularly focus on. Our team of Russian-speaking copywriters and professional translators will quickly and efficiently make your website competitive in global and local search. [Learn more about content marketing]

PPC advertising in Russian

We create and run advertising campaigns on all the most popular platforms, including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Your personal manager for PPC in Russian will provide you with an individualized and flexible approach and will take on the task of communicating with other specialists: copywriters, translators, designers, web programmers, and analysts. [Learn more about PPC management]

Analysis of Russian-language promotion results

Continuous data collection is essential for Russian-language promotion in a highly competitive market. Interpreting the results in a competent manner will allow us to adjust the strategy for maximum efficiency. We never stop at the achieved results and with the help of the web analytics experts, we are constantly working to improve what we have already completed. [Learn more about web analytics]

Cost of Russian-language website promotion

The cost of promotion of your website for Russian-speaking regions depends on what specific services our agency provides you with, which specialists it employs for such purpose and how long they will work on your project. The cost of work of our specialists is $40/hour. Plus, some areas require an additional budget, such as external publications or contextual advertising.

Services Cost
SEO in Russian From $2,000 per month
PPC services in Russian From $200 per month + $400 budget
Audit and consulting $1,200
Content promotion in Russian From $500 per month + copywriting

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