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Multilingual voice responses for Bitrix24

Here at Alconost we recorded voice messages for the answering machine in six languages for Bitrix24. The audio messages for telephony were recorded by native-speaking professional voice actors.

Bitrix24 is a service for communicating with coworkers and partners, managing projects, and managing customer relations. Bitrix24 is used for exchanging messages and files, assigning tasks, planning activities, collaborating on documents, and hosting video conferences. In addition, Bitrix24 can also be used as a virtual PBX. The service is utilized by over three million companies.

Bitrix, the developer of the service, is a regular Alconost client. In 2014-2015, we made trailers for Bitrix24 in English, German, and Russian, and in early 2018, we also developed an English-language video presentation for them.




Alconost also localizes the Bitrix24 service itself, its website, and its help files into 14 languages.

When our client needed to record professional voice messages for telephony we were more than happy to help. The Bitrix24 team hired us to record messages for the answering machine in six languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • English

  • German

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Ukrainian

    The automated voice responses had to be recorded in a female voice with a neutral/welcoming intonation. The client chose female voice actors whose voices matched the timbre they had in mind from our voice actor database, and we got to work.

    Before we started recording we made a few corrections to the texts provided by the client in English, Spanish, and Russian.Proofreading the text before recording a voice-over isn't mandatory, but it does help improve the quality of the final recording. Proofreading makes it possible to avoid any awkward phrasing or mistakes that would be especially out of place when the text is read out loud by a native speaker.

    We provided the voice actors with scripts and sample voice messages for telephony previously recorded by the client. Once the recordings were ready, we processed the audio files:

  • We cleaned up the tracks to remove inhalations and other natural sounds that accompany speech

  • We added pauses of identical length at the end of each audio message to make sure the messages wouldn't run together when several files are played back

  • We leveled out the volume of the messages so that subscribers listening to them from Brazil or Germany would have just as good an experience as customers from Spain or the US

Here are a few examples of the voice messages for the answering machine in each language.



It took us five business days to complete this project for Bitrix and record all of the audio messages for telephony. Alconost would like to thank the Bitrix24 team for their instant feedback and the pleasure of constructive communication in the course of the project.

«We’ve worked with Alconost for many years now. Having them as a partner has allowed us to proactively break into new markets and localize our products into a number of languages, native speakers for which can sometimes be challenging to find.

The fact that we can go to the same company to translate a website, an interface, or technical documentation, create a video clip, or record a voice-over isn’t just convenient — it’s extremely convenient.

Our partnership with Alconost is one of the reasons why our service has become so popular in a number of countries. People want to use services in their native language.»

Dmitry Davydov

Manager of Bitrix’s International Marketing Department



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