CSR video: showcase the impact you make

Convey the impact of your CSR through captivating and authentic videos
  • Innovative, up-to-date way of presenting
  • Vivid presentation of your company’s impact
  • Suitable for PR, GR, marketing, etc.
  • Solutions for every budget



Cultivate connections through a CSR video


Show them they work
for a company
that does the right things


Demonstrate your positive impact on the community and
enlist its support


Business community
Make investors and partners see your commitment to sustainability


Articulate the adherence to
the concept of
triple bottom line

Why order a video for CSR reporting


Drive innovation within your department

Take a step forward and say goodbye to monotonous slideshows! Switch to a spectacular, compelling reporting method and inspire your team.


Win hearts with great storytelling

With a professionally made video, you’ll tell riveting and emotionally engaging stories that prove your company’s commitment to CSR.


Meet diverse communication goals

Make versions of your CSR video for different audiences: for example, add more emotions for PR or more facts for B2B or GR.


Make something your colleagues will appreciate

Your corporate social responsibility video is a media asset for your corporate
website and social media, niche events, recruiting process, and more.


Contribute to overall success 

Add to the corporate identity by emphasizing the authenticity of the CSR strategy the brand has been following.

Reasons to order a CSR video from Alconost

Well-versed in storytelling


Alconost has produced business videos for over 200 companies. We make stories convincing and concise at the same time, every time.


Experts in business animation


We make numbers speak for themselves and facts easy to perceive, solidifying your
reputation at the happy medium of excitement and reliability.

A reliable vendor


Alconost has been in the corporate video production business since 2011. The quality management system at Alconost is
ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Alconost managed to explain what SOLIDU does in a clear, simple manner. The CSR video they produced for us features fantastic animation! It's visually stunning, and it powerfully conveys our mission and impact. Kudos to the talented team for their outstanding work! They delivered the project in a remarkably quick manner, exceeding our expectations. Highly recommended!

Vaiva Zvirblyte, Founder

Best CSR videos: Options


Live action

Existing footage treatment, consulting on video shooting, and even on-site filming — we do it all!



2-D, 3-D, character animation, animated infographics… Whatever you need, we make it



Let’s combine live-action and animated scenes in your CSR video. We do it seamlessly.


Custom solutions

Regardless of the assets you have, we’ll find a solution for your particular case

🚀 Enjoy a 10% Discount 

Although Alconost is new to the world of creating CSR videos, we have a deep understanding of CSR and ESG topics, and we have excelled at producing impressive videos since 2011. During this time, we have created over 1,000 videos for 200 different companies.

Explore our extensive collection of videos on  Alconost YouTube channel, where you can witness the quality and creativity we bring to every project.

While we currently only have several CSR video examples to showcase, we warmly invite you to take advantage of a 10% discount on the next CSR video for Alconost's portfolio.


CSR Video Process: What's included by default?



We study your requirements, explore your topic and come up with a professional script that covers both visuals and voice-over parts.



All animated videos are accompanied by narration from a voice-over talent of your choice.



A video has at least several scenes with 2-D animation and animated overlays, such as taglines or captions.


Sound Design

Enjoy some music in the spirit of your CSR video and sound effects that add audible emphasis.

CSR Videos: What you can add


Live footage production

We can arrange filming on the location or consult you on record high-quality video on your side.



Editing, effects, color correction of existing video materials, and selection of the best footage to use in your CSR video.


Assets development

We create custom characters and 3-D models
suitable for further animation.

Extra variations

We produce extra lengths and sizes of your CSR video, allowing you to share them across various social media platforms.

Your corporate social responsibility video budget

Alconost always offers custom pricing for CSR video

You can find some ballpark figures below for general reference, but please contact us to get a free custom quote for your specific project!

Prices and duration 30 seconds 45-90 seconds 2-5 minutes
Up to $1999 ✔️
$2000 $4699 ✔️ ✔️
From $4700 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
— Options available depend on the budget:
for example, 2-D animation instead of live footage production.


Goals a CSR video can help to achieve


 Increase awareness




Engage stakeholders


 Enhance reputation

Prove your company’s commitment to sustainability!


Have a project in mind?

We’d like to learn more about it. In return, we’ll get back to you with a solution and a quote.

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