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How  AVILOO  reaches international customers with the help of Alconost

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For Aviloo, a battery testing company from Austria, Alconost has been providing machine translation post-editing (MTPE) service since 2022. The work is done via Crowdin, an online platform the AVILOO team had used previously. An Alconost localization project manager monitors the process, removing the need for micro management on AVILOO’s end. 


There are six European languages in the AVILOO’s project that are target ones, with the source languages being either English or German. Alconost picked up a specific engine to deliver the best translation drafts for each language. These drafts are then edited and polished by native-speaking translators from Alconost's end.


The quality of the Alconost service was also proved by the native-speaking target audience of the content, particularly from the Netherlands and France.


"I’m happy with the job Alconost has done so far. I would rate them Excellent for both translation and customer service quality.  With Alconost, I can rest assured that our localization flow is in the hands of responsible and attentive professionals."

 AVILOO Battery Diagnostics 
Radinka Danilov Sehovic, Marketing & Communication Expert

What AVILOO is


AVILOO GmbH is a hi-tech company founded in 2017 in Austria. Their business is battery diagnostic for EVs (electric vehicles) and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). They developed independent test procedures for lithium-ion batteries in electric and plug-in vehicles. The AVILOO’s goal is to provide customers with greater transparency on vehicle value when buying and selling.

What Alconost does for AVILOO


Alconost provides machine translation post-editing (MTPE) services to Aviloo, helping them regularly localize content into six European languages and supporting more languages upon request.




Main Languages
The target languages Alconost supports for AVILOO regularly:

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
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Extra Languages
The target languages AVILOO needs support with from time to time:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Finnish
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AVILOO’s key contact for Alconost: meet Radinka


Radinka Danilov Sehovic is a senior marketing & communication expert at AVILOO. Radinka’s core responsibility at AVILOO is external corporate and brand communication, including marketing activities and content management. Radinka has over 20 years of experience in the niche, specifically in media relations, B2B and digital communication.

"We're proud of doing something absolutely new in one of the newest industries! Because we believe that our innovative battery testing solution addresses contemporary challenges, we've been actively expanding to new markets in recent years. To us, proper communication is pivotal. We need to convey the value of our product and why battery testing is actually necessary."

Before AVILOO came to Alconost...

Localization routine

At the beginning of their international journey, the AVILOO team translated their content using machine translation, which was subsequently proofread by native speakers.

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Why the change?

Since the amount of content and the quantity of target languages grew, managing native-speaking editors has become time-consuming.

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More from Radinka:

"Late in 2022, we started to seek an external vendor who would seamlessly intercept our localization routine so that we'd keep on with continuous localization in a way we used to," Radinka says.

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What AVILOO was looking for 

The AVILOO team sought a vendor who would:


Work on Crowdin

AVILOO preferred to keep working on their projects on the Crowdin localization platform. The AVILOO team got used to this environment and wanted to keep on using this solution.


Provide MTPE services

AVILOO would love to keep doing localization in the same way, i.e., using machine translation and human editing by native speakers.


Support specific languages

It was pivotal for the AVILOO team to find a vendor that would cover the languages they need now, as well as the ones they might need in 6 months or a year.


Offer a fair price

Since AVILOO has strong control over costs, the budget has to be competitive, transparent, and agreed upon before work on every task begins.

"We were looking for a vendor who can take over the management of translators. Finding a native-speaking editor for every language, assessing them, checking their availability, setting deadlines, monitoring, maintaining the relationship, and settling payments. It all started to take more precious time and effort than we could allocate. We got to the point when we saw the need to outsource it." — Radinka.

3 reasons why AVILOO opted for Alconost

Let Radinka elaborate on the reasons first-hand:


Technical requirements met

"What we liked most is that they know exactly how to work with Crowdin and provide MTPE services. It definitely matched our needs 100%!"


Budget fit

"When we discussed the pricing and terms, everything seemed good to me, Alconost's offer was quite competitive."


Easy to deal with

"We liked the smooth communication style of their account manager. Nastassia's replies were always prompt and to the point."

— "We’re one step away from the hassle-free localization process!"

The start of the relationship from Alconost's perspective

image 220

"The AVILOO team started off by ordering a test MTPE project. That's quite common, so we were perfectly fine with this. The test project was a great opportunity for us to set up the way we interacted. Our teams had several e-meetings at this stage, and everything went smoothly. We found common ground during our very first calls."

Nastassia Baravik, 
Alconost’s account manager.

Types of content

Alconost provides MTPE services for AVILOO for different types of content:


UI Strings


Website content


Leaflets, handouts


B2B documents

"When we're going to present our product to the local EV communities, we need the user interface of our software to be localized along with some manuals. 
When attending an industry-specific event abroad, we need to localize content for promotional materials, such as leaflets. 
I'm happy that, with Alconost, we can handle all of these, no matter the format, language, or scope." — Radinka.

Quality-First MTPE: Alconost shares its know-how

AVILOO orders machine translation post-editing services from Alconost. Basically, this is when a machine first comes up with a raw translation, and then native speakers correct and polish it. Considering the industry-specific AVILOO products, the Alconost team considered opportunities to minimize the risks of an inadequate translation.


Alconost tested six translation engines that could be used at the automated translation stage of the project.


We had native-speaking translators assess the results of the different engines.


The human evaluations revealed that with some target languages, some engines outperform the others.


As a result, we selected the engine with the best performance for each language pair.

Quality confirmed externally

At Auto Shanghai 2023, an international automobile industry exhibition, AVILOO had some flyers that Alconost translated into Simplified Chinese from scratch. Local native speakers in China assessed the translation and found nothing to improve!

Some digital content Alconost helped AVILOO deliver in French and Dutch (MTPE service) was similarly verified. A close read from third-party native speakers ended up with no suggestions for adjustments!

5 fun facts


The source language in AVILOO projects is often German, not English.


To reach Switzerland's market, AVILOO selected such languages as Italian and French.


AVILOO's marketing content is country-specific. For instance, the article about battery care in hot climates is relevant for Italy and France but not for Norway or Sweden!


Alconost provides AVILOO with accurate, easy-to-read quotes, which helps AVILOO report its localization expenses.


AVILOO chose MTPE instead of localization from scratch because of the faster turnover time and more budget-friendly costs.

More tasks, less hassle


In addition to Radinka, several other AVILOO team members have sent tasks to Alconost.


To keep things transparent and controllable, Alconost set up a dashboard where all AVILOO tasks are listed along with their price and status.


The AVILOO team can refer to the dashboard anytime and comment on priorities or ask questions.


This is how Alconost helps AVILOO keep the workflow under control!


We also have a dedicated Slack channel with AVILOO for daily chats and quick updates.

An inside look from a localization manager

image 221

"Thanks to the client's approach, we've established a highly productive workflow that's transparent to the client. Their support and our understanding of the routine help us establish rapport and avoid bottlenecks throughout our journey. I also enjoy our relationship and communication very much!"

Diana, Alconost's localization project manager

Localized Content: Screenshots

In the screenshots below, you can see examples of content that Aviloo, with Alconost's help, was able to deliver to target audiences in their native languages.

Aviloo Promo Campaign - Danish
An ad campaign visual in Danish
Aviloo Promo Campaign - Sweden
An ad campaign visual in Swedish
Aviloo _ Dutch _ Web Shop
A web shop page in Dutch
Aviloo _ Norwegian _ Flyer
A flyer in Norwegian
Aviloo _ Chinese _ Company profile _ Leaflet
A leaflet in Chinese

What AVILOO likes about Alconost

"They're very adaptable. For example, when we needed the currency in the invoices to be different from Alconost's default one, our request was fulfilled instantly. And I think their customer support is perfect. The way they care about customer's needs exceeds my expectations."


What Alconost likes about AVILOO 

•  A game-changing product
•  Passion for their business
•  Professionalism
•  Rational approach
•  Positive attitude
•  Openness to communication

3 Tips from Aviloo

If you're going to buy a used car...

… Pay particular attention to its battery degradation and State of Health (SoH). I'd recommend testing this vehicle's battery with someone who's doing it independently. 

If you're looking for a localziation vendor...

… Try to outline key requirements so it'll be easier for you to focus only on vendors who offer the exact type of service you're looking for. 

If you're considering Alconost for localization...

… Just reach out to describe your key requirements and expectations and enjoy the way they handle your request!

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